Pairing with Primaries

This season is all about being bold with your fashion! The garments you once wore as statement pieces can now all be worn together in a classy, yet fun way. Throw on a red pant and pick a hot pink top to boot!

Gone are the days when it used to be considered tacky to wear too many bright colors and patters all together. Granted, there are still some rules… Brands like J. Crew and Banana Republic have really taken this trend and run with it. Not to mention the newest trend of color-blocking that everyone has been raving about. These stores and more offer an abundance of options that you can mix and match to create the perfect look for you. Start off with one statement cardigan, and then later on down the road pair it with a statement skirt. Hardly anything is off limits!

Pulling it together

Take a look at this outfit I put together using my Polyvore. Everything shown is from Banana Republic and J. Crew. The set is put together using classic, timeless pieces, only with a punch of color. Like I said, start off as timid as you’d like — like with this blue oxford. Move onto adding that pop of color with the canary yellow cardigan. And if you’re really wanting to kick it up a notch, throw on some red trousers. Tie in the look by pulling out that blue from your shirt with a simple royal blue ballet flat. I’m sure if you were only reading this and not seeing the set I created, it might sound a bit crazy, but see how nicely it all goes together?

Where to start and tips to remember

I’ve compiled a pretty simple list of basic pieces you’ll need to start pairing your bold colors together:

  • Colored skinny jeans/strait leg trouser
  • Basic t-shirts, camisoles, and tanks
  • Structured jacket/blazer
  • Simple cardigan
  • Colored pencil skirt
  • Colored tights

Now for the tips to keep in mind so you don’t make the mistake of looking like your closet threw up all over you.

  • Keep the number of colors you’re wearing to a maximum of three
  • Pair with neutrals
  • When in doubt, consult with the color wheel (visualize an equilateral triangle and the colors touching the corners of the triangle are the ones to stick with)

I hope everyone gives this new trend and try. Have fun with it and good luck!

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