Polished for Spring

I would say I paint my nails on average about three times a week. Is that excessive? I don’t think so. How can one girl have the same polish on her nails for more than two days when there are so many color options to try out?

Speed of Light Blue by Essence

Nail polish, along with most beauty and fashion items, has been an obsession of mine for quite some time. I would say I probably pick up at least two new polishes a month, so you can imagine my collection. Just like with fashion trends, there are also nail polish trends. Certain colors, shades, finishes — you name it. I’m here to inform you of some of this seasons top picks for nails. Here we go!

Spring trend numero uno is… pastels! Big shocker there, huh? Pastels just scream spring and unless you’re wearing a pale pink, is usually off-limits during any other season. This includes pretty purples, peaches, blues, and greens.

The next trend for spring that I do tend to wear year-round are natural toned colors. This would include nudes, tans, corals, and turquoises. These shades look stunning with a tan and truly make a statement without screaming, “Look at me! I’m wearing lime green nail polish!” It’s simple and by far the season’s hottest nail color trend.

Siren by Revlon

My next favorite spring time trend and honestly, one of those colors you can always wear, is red. Red is the classiest of all colors and it actually considered a neutral because it compliments so many things. Red nail polish will always be my favorite and the majority of my collection is filled with different shades of red. Who knew there could be so many, but there are. And yes, they are all different, thank you. You will also see a lot of orangey-red polishes this season and they’re gorgeous!

You may be wondering which brands of polish are worth your money. I’m going to tell you. I’m also going to tell you which cheaper brands to try out that are also worth your time. My all-time favorite polish brands are: Essie ($8), OPI ($8-$10), Revlon ($4), and Sally Hansen ($3-$6). I know that the prices might shock you, but they really are worth the money.

Lacey Lilac by Sally Hansen

You’ll be shocked by how much easier these polishes are to apply and how long they last compared to cheaper brands. As for the more affordable polishes, Wet N Wild and NYC are your best bet. Granted, they start chipping within a day, but still. Buy one of the cheap polishes and throw on a clear top coat and you’re good for a few days. Don’t forget you can always find polishes on sale. I get most of my pricey, favorite polishes on the clearance end caps at Target.

That’s all for nail polish trends. Happy painting, ladies!


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