The Queen of Fashion

Fashion is a way of life to many, and to others, a mystery they will never understand. The September Issue is the 2009 documentary that takes an in-depth look at the Queen of Fashion and editor-in-chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour.

“There’s something about fashion that can make people nervous.”

— Anna Wintour

This quote by Wintour opens the documentary and is the constant thought explored throughout the film. Many have seen the popular movie The Devil Wears Prada where the editor-in-chief played by Meryl Streep is feared by all. Wintour is the real life inspiration for the role and in the documentary we see firsthand why she is so intimidating.

Vogue has a group of cult followers and is considered the fashion bible. In the documentary we are immediately thrown into the production of the magazine’s most anticipated issue of the year — the September issue. The creators of the documentary magically take months of production and fit it into a 90-minute film.

We get to meet Anna Wintour herself as she sits in her luxurious office and summons people to do the impossible. If she’s not behind her desk, she’s sitting front row at Fashion Week in New York and Paris where she has the ability to make or break a designer by the nod of her head. I quickly learned that without the support of Vogue, designers don’t have much of a future. This is the main reason why Wintour is so feared. She holds the future of every designer in her hands. It’s not what we, as consumers, are going to like, it’s what Anna is going to let us like.

Throughout the documentary they sit down for several one-on-one interviews with Wintour where she delves into why she is the way she is. So many instantly judge her and hate her, but we don’t know her past. Wintour was raised in a very prominent London family. Her father was the editor of the London Evening Standard and she says expectations were high. All of her siblings are highly political and philanthropic and turn up their nose to the notion of fashion.

Once I found this out, I realized that she’s a real person trying to prove herself to the ones that mean the most to her. She’s really just like all of us. After all, that’s what I’m trying to do with this whole college thing. I’m trying to make a name for myself and prove people wrong and sometimes that can be misconstrued.

The documentary was eyeopening and highly fascinating for the fashion lover that I am. The level of respect I have for those in the fashion industry is great. Many people don’t understand fashion and find it amusing that someone can be so consumed by it, but it truly is a lifestyle and it isn’t for everyone.

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