The Lilly Obsession

Spring is just weeks away and when I think of warmer days and flowers blooming, I think of Lilly Pulitzer. Perhaps you’ve heard of her or remember your mom or grandma sporting her classic shift dress made famous by Jacqueline Kennedy in the 60’s. Lilly Pulitzer has been the designer of brightly colored and fun patterned clothes, accessories and decor sure to put a smile on your face since 1959.

Juice Stand to Socialites 

Lilly stationary

Let’s start with a little background on one of my favorite designers, shall we? Lilly Pulitzer started off as a juice stand in Palm Beach in 1959. The juice stand helped her gain popularity and by the mid 60’s celebrities and socialites were wearing her designs everywhere. Lilly instantly turned into a classic and is still coming up with adorable, new designs today. Now among celebrities and socialites, Lilly has become a staple at universities all over the country.

Sigma Kappa Sorority


Sorority Staple

The Lilly craze has been popular among college students for years, but now they have a reason to love it. Lilly Pulitzer has succeeded yet again by making personalized prints for nine different sororities. Girls can now represent their sorority by wearing their distinct print in a dress, on a bag, or even on a notebook. The demand for these sorority prints has skyrocketed and now any sorority around the country can compete to have a print for their own sorority designed by Lilly. Junior and member of Sigma Kappa at the University of Florida, Lauren Riley, says she loves the prints and thinks the competitions are a great way to bring sisters together,

“Every girl, especially every girl from the south, loves themselves some Lilly,” said Riley. “The designs are fun and we cannot get enough of them. We love how we have our own official print and to know that we earned it is an amazing feeling. Our sorority will always have this print and it defines who we are.”

Lauren Riley and some of her sorority sisters.

Riley also mentions how Lilly Pulitzer has been a tradition in her family for years,

“I can remember my grandmother and my mom wearing Lilly at special occasions,” Riley said. “It was a big deal to wear a Lilly dress and I remember getting my first one when I was five. I think so many of us in the south look at Lilly Pulitzer as a symbol of classiness and elegance — something that will never go out of style.”

It’s All About Expression

Now, I may not be in a sorority or live in the south, but I have a huge affinity for Lilly Pulitzer. To me, she’s all about self-expression. I see her designs and they instantly put a smile on my face. Lilly allows me to represent myself and feel confident. You’ll be sure to see me walking around with my Lilly notebooks and pens, heck, I even rock her perfume! Spring is on its way and I’m taking Lilly Pulitzer with me.

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